Breakthrough Hair Loss
Treatment for Women

New Clinical Tests Reveal…

The Real Reason Behind Women’s
“Hair Loss Epidemic”
And How You Can STOP It

Women Over 35 Lose Hair At Record Numbers…
While New Clinical Tests Suggest There Might Be A Solution

 For most women, hair loss starts slow…

Brushing your hair in the morning, you notice your brush gets a little more “clogged” than usual.

Then later when you’re bored and start playing with your hair…

You wonder why it feels so thin and weird…

Days pass by, the symptoms continue to show.

One morning, you look into the mirror horrified.

Your hair grew super thin. Your parting got so wide you need a new haircut.

So you do an online search on how to bridge the gap and keep your pride… And that’s when you discover:

Women over 35 are now losing their hair at record numbers all over the USA.

Is it the stress of modern life?

Is it because of the hormones in your contraception pills?

Or is it genetics? Maybe medical side-effects catching up?

There’s only one thing you know… You ignored the early signs of your hair loss crisis long enough.

And you’re not alone. Society keeps men’s hair loss in the focus, while women silently suffer…

Over 40% Of American Women
Suffer From Hair Loss

The American Academy of Dermatology confirms, 40% of women suffer from hair loss by the time they are age 40.

Yet physicians often overlook women’s complaints. They claim it’s “not a big deal.”

But you’re losing your glowing beautiful hair and if you don’t act now, you’ll lose it for good.

That’s a big deal…

A serious life-altering condition! Hair loss makes you feel unattractive and will cause emotional turmoil for the rest of your life.

Even worse, you’re more prone to losing hair over 35 if you’ve been living a stressful life… or gave birth… or have nutrient deficiencies… or took medications… or had certain infections…


Which means, sooner or later this affects most women.

Not to mention you can inherit “bad hair genes” from either side of your family.

But that’s enough bad news.

There’s a silver lining…

It’s never too late to stop it!

But first, we must understand how healthy hair works…

The Hair Follicle Miracle

Your hair grows from these tiny “pockets” in your scalp called the hair follicles. Both biologists and medical professionals have studied them for decades now. Yet, there are still certain questions modern science can’t answer.

What we DO know is this…

You have about one MILLION hair follicles on your head. Your hair begins to grow from roots in the bottom of these follicles. Each grows 1-3 strains of hair.

Blood from the blood vessels in your scalp (the skin on your head) feeds the root to help it grow your hair.

Now, here comes the part that affects hair loss…

Each follicle grows hair in cycles, and at their own speed.

That means there are years when some of your follicles are growing hair, while the others rest. It’s kinda like they are taking work shifts to cover hair growth… during your whole life. So all your hair doesn’t grow and die at the same time.

The cycles are simple too.

There’s a growth phase that lasts for 3-4 years. Then there’s a resting phase that takes about 3 weeks. Then there’s a phase when hair is falling out that goes on for 3 months.

This cycle repeats about 25 to 30 cycles during your lifetime. Each follicle on its own timeline.

The follicles that are “on a break” lose hair. But that’s not the hair loss anyone will notice. People lose about 50 to 100 hairs a day.

But then some follicles stop working altogether as you age…

The follicle’s growth cycles can be interrupted… And that’s when your hair falls out way too quick, and never grows back.

This is where the serious hair loss problems start.

Because at the current state of science, no one can get more growth cycles out of their follicles. It seems predetermined by your genetics, no matter what you try.

But that doesn’t mean you have to despair…

Because tests suggest, the solution is NOT extra growth cycles… Instead, you’ll want to take care of your scalp, and feed your hair follicles so they are alive and well for much longer.

Introducing… DEKOPILL™

Just 5 Droppers A Day Protects And Vitalizes Your Hair Follicles!

Hi, my name is Tony K. Uglunts, the CEO of CharismoUSA. After years of clinical testing, I found the perfect hair follicle vitalizing solution.

It all started when a family member of mine suffered from hair loss. The state of her hair concerned her so much she even considered getting pregnant again… Just so she can experience that pregnant glow on her hair for a little longer.

That’s when I realized women need a solution that takes care of their hair health long-term!

I set out to find what we now call DEKOPILL.

After digging around, I’ve found a special formula in Europe that had the potential…

It just needed a “little” fine-tuning.

Fast forward 8 years of careful research, testing, numerous clinical trials, and adjustments… we developed the perfect formula in our Dallas, Texas HQ.

If you’ve tried Minoxidil-based hair growth solutions, other over the counter drugs, or even hair loss treatments… and they haven’t worked… you must try DEKOPILL.

It’s an entirely new approach to hair growth. Its formulation is NOT YET AVAILABLE in stores.

DEKOPILL improves hair health by protecting and vitalizing the hair follicle, as I’ll explain soon. That’s why we’re getting reports from all over the world praising it. If you’re anything like me, the simple genius behind this product will impress you.

Here’s how it works…

“I was amazed to see it work within 8 hours…”

DEKOPILL is a patent-protected herbal peptide complex that targets the main causes of hair loss.

Most people who give it a try notice how it starts working right away.

Of course, your hair won’t grow back within days because 1 cm of healthy hair takes about a month to grow.

But you’ll see DEKOPILL do its job within the first 8 hours of use.

Here’s what I mean…

When you apply DEKOPILL on your scalp, you’ll see it supports your hair with extra blood and nutrition. It makes your hair follicles stronger and delays their demise.

This process is so spectacular, people might mistake it for an allergic reaction!

But you have nothing to worry about. It’s NOT an allergic reaction. We’ve run countless tests. You will only have pleasant experiences using DEKOPILL.

It will all be a smooth ride to a healthy set of hair, without any itching or burning.

When you use DEKOPILL, you’ll notice your scalp getting red. And that’s good! Because that’s how you know it’s working for you…

That extra blood rushing to your scalp helps prolong the growth cycle of your hair follicles… While it also improves their resistance to harmful effects.

What you see and feel is your scalp getting better blood circulation. Your body delivers more nourishment to your hair follicles as a result.

And this is just one of the ways DEKOPILL improves your hair health…

With improved follicle strength comes a more differentiated set of hair. That means your hair will appear thicker.

Thanks to a special natural acid, the DHT or DeHydroTestosterone levels of your scalp will decrease. This allows your hair’s breadth to appear increased.

Plus, plenty of antioxidants in our blend ensures your newly grown hair gets protected from thermal damage and UV rays… While DEKOPILL cleanses your hair through the exfoliation of the scalp.

Once that’s done, our product moisturizes and regenerates your scalp and the hair you grow after its use.

All this makes DEKOPILL the perfect all-in-one formula for hair health for women over 35. But you don’t have to take my word for it…

See How DEKOPILL Works For You – Without Risk

When you order DEKOPILL, you will get a full month’s worth of this hair follicle-boosting formula.

For most people, that first package is enough to kick-start the revitalization process.

However, DEKOPILL is not for everyone… It’s quite expensive.

But if you’ve suffered from hair loss long enough… or if you recently approached 35 and want to prevent the crisis that’s about to sneak up on you…

It’s worth the investment!

Plus, I’ve done everything I can to ensure it’s going to work for you or you don’t pay a dime.

Your first month’s package is going to be a $129.99 investment.

Which may seem a bit steep, but the reason for that is pragmatic. DEKOPILL uses premium ingredients at the scientific dose.

In other words, it costs us a handful of money to produce it, too.

But I’m making it as affordable as possible. My company even pays for shipping inside the USA. And, as I mentioned it’s more of an investment than a cost.

It either helps you revitalize your hair follicles, or you pay nothing. Because DEKOPILL comes with a satisfaction guarantee I’ll soon tell you about. There’s nothing you can lose.

If your hair health is worth that much to you, I urge you to give DEKOPILL a try.

Thousands of people all over the world have done so and they’re now are praising its effectiveness.

Order right now to unlock free shipping in the USA.


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“It feels and smells great!”

Unlike most hair growth products, we created DEKOPILL with everyday use in mind.

It will never make your hair stink… and people around you won’t even notice you’re using it.

The reason for that is, DEKOPILL is a lightweight, transparent solution with a delicate aroma of wooden almond.

You apply it late afternoon, as it absorbs in the scalp, and…


It won’t leave a mark

DEKOPILL is not greasy at all. You won’t feel it on your hair and it won’t leave a stain anywhere. Not on your scarfs, hats, clothing or on your beddings.

And you know what? Even when I spilled it all over my friend’s glass table when I was trying to show off, it didn’t leave a stain.

What’s more, even the paper I used to wipe up with dried perfectly… by the time we finished our convo.

All this means you won’t have to make major changes to your life to ensure hair health. DEKOPILL rates super high in ease of use…

Great Shelf Life & Practicality

By now I’ve mentioned your first month’s worth of DEKOPILL comes in 4 bottles.

This ensures one bottle lasts you a 7-day trip without interruption in treatment. You can even fly with it, just make sure you take a sealed bottle with you.

More, its dark glass bottle doesn’t let sunlight through. So the ingredients are safe. DEKOPILL remains useful for years under most conditions.

If you order your package today, you’ll still be able to use it after years.

Limited Supply
Order Today To Secure Your DEKOPILL

Get Fancy With It

Works When Other Products Start Failing

Most other formulas have a well-documented drawback. They stop working after a couple of months after first use. But what’s worse is…

When people stop treatment with other formulas, their hair starts falling out again. Because most other formulas out there were never intended to fix the underlying issues with your hair growth…

DEKOPILL is different.

I wanted a solution that fixes the underlying issues behind hair loss for good. Without unwanted side-effects.

That’s why you won’t find the popular but flawed medicine called Minoxidil in our formula. What you’ll find instead is plenty of high-quality natural ingredients. Go ahead and give it a try today…

Mix It Up

Try Risk-Free For Your First 30 Days

Try DEKOPILL for 30 days straight. Experience how well it works. I’m giving you a full month to change your mind.

If it’s not as great as you expected, send back the unused bottles… with a note that tells me what you didn’t like about it… and I’ll send your money back – no exceptions.

We’re a small USA-based business. We can’t match the big international pharma brands on availability. However, DEKOPILL works just as great if not better than commercial options.

As a result, we run out of our inventory all the time.

If you want to secure your first DEKOPILL package, order it today and start revitalizing your hair follicles within days. If you change your mind later, you can just take advantage of our 30-day guarantee.

Lose the Hat…

Feed Your Hair!


Positive difference in my hair thickness and length…

Gender: Female
Age Range: 31 to 40
How long have you been using Dekopill? 2 Months
Customer Feedback:
I was experiencing heavy hair loss for some unknown reason for a couple of years now. None of the products worked for me in the past until my friend recommended that I try Deko Pill. After two weeks I noticed that my hair stopped falling excessively and after two months, I noticed positive difference in my hair thickness and length as well. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is experiencing excessive hair loss.

I am confident that Dekopill will be a successful long term hair loss solution for me.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend Dekopill to your friends and family?

Verified Trustimonial Number: 203682

Tatyana U.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is DEKOPILL made?
    • DEKOPILL is made in the USA. We manufacture every product in our Dallas, Texas HQ.
  • Is DEKOPILL safe?
    • We make DEKOPILL only from high-quality ingredients, following Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards and the Texas Department of Health (TDH) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) procedures. Furthermore, it’s been clinically tested all over the world. In short, it is safe for everyday use with some restrictions. (Read below)
  • Should anyone NOT use the product?
    • When it comes to who’s able to use DEKOPILL, a few restrictions apply. We do NOT recommend using our product for:
      • Women during pregnancy.
      • Children under 12 years old.
      • People with epilepsy.
      • People diagnosed with cancer, in oncology in active form, or 1 year in remission.
    • Is there research behind DEKOPILL?
      • Yes! Our formula was created in French research laboratories and perfected over 8 years through clinical trials before commercial production of the final product began in Dallas, Texas, USA. The current formulation underwent clinical trials in both Europe and the United States. It was unanimously successful.
    • What active ingredients does DEKOPILL contain?
      • Apigenin (a natural product which is known to dilate blood vessels, stimulating blood circulation for a minimum of 8 hours.) Biotinyl-Tripeptide (encourages hair growth), Oleanolic Acid (Calms the DHT or Dehydrotestosterone levels in the scalp and hair stem which appear to increase hair's breadth) Ozonids (antioxidant effect) ?? Add DHT here???
    • When will I see that DEKOPILL works for me?
      • You will see that DEKOPILL has started working 30 minutes after use by noticing a redness on your scalp. This is NOT an allergic reaction and you shouldn’t panic. It’s part of the process. For hair growth results to start to show, you’ll want to use it for at least 30 days.
    • Can I use DEKOPILL combined with other hair loss treatment?
      • Yes! DEKOPILL combines great with other solutions such as low energy lasers, plasma therapy, and mesotherapy.
      • I just started using the product and my scalp gets red 30 minutes after use… Am I allergic to the product?
        • What you’re experiencing is a common, non-allergic reaction. Your scalp is getting over-flowed with blood so your follicles get extra nutrition.
  • How will my order be shipped?
    • Shipping is free in the USA.
    • International shipping costs an additional $40, which you’ll need to cover.
  • How will my purchase appear on my credit card statement?
    • We handle your purchase discreetly. Your credit card statement will only show “CHR-USA Corp” and your order number.
  • How long is the product good for?
    • DEKOPILL has a long shelf life, it’s good for 3 years if it’s left unopened. The capped bottles offer a longer shelf life.
  • Should I change my current diet while I'm using DEKOPILL?
    • For the best results, we recommend you enhance your diet by following our bonus diet blueprint for hair growth. But this isn’t mandatory. The product will work on its own.
  • When is the best time to apply your product? Mornings? Afternoons? Evenings?
    • We recommend you apply the product around 8 PM every evening.
  • What’ the ideal dosage and how to apply the product?
    • Apply 5 to 9 droppers full of DEKOPILL to a dry scalp. Gently massage throughout the hair and into the scalp. Wash your hands thoroughly. Leave the product on overnight and rinse out the next morning.
  • How long should I use the product?
    • For the best results, apply daily treatment for 2-3 months, then for maintenance, apply it twice a year.
  • Does the product need refrigeration?
    • DEKOPILL stays fresh without refrigeration.
  • How can I travel with the product?
    • We travel with it all the time. It's simple, small, and doesn't require refrigeration. Unopened packages of the product can go in check-in luggage, and small non-leak bottles work well in carry-on and check-in bags. The volume of the bottle allows you to take 1 bottle on a trip for 7 days.
  • Do you have a question you don't see answered here?

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